Booking Information
Delta Brass Quintet is available for numerous types of engagements. We have in our book music to cover such diverse performances as children's concerts, patriotic occasions, church services, formal and informal concerts, dinner music, memorial services, and our specialty which is weddings. Prices for these engagements vary according to travel time, on-site preparation and duration of the performance. Our abilities include a custom arranging service for special pieces that you may want or require for a certain occasion, and is available at a very reasonable cost, depending on the length of the piece. Our book, however, usually contains the requisite material.

To enquire about hiring Delta Brass Quintet for your organization or special occasion call John Winsko at 717.264.5361 or Keith Smith at 717.369.4391. Evenings are best, but you can also leave a message. You can also contact us by e-mail at
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