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  I know Iíve not done much with the site but that will soon change.  Check here for reviews of local musical performances and organizations.

  First on the list is the Hagerstown Municipal Band concert at the Capitol Theater on December 11, 2009.  The concert was extremely well attended despite tickets costing $25 per seat.  The soloists included the redoubtable Corey Allen Rotz who attended one rehearsal and didnít come back on stage to help with the sing-along despite being paid extra by the Theater.  Chrissy Demercurio also had a spot in the soloist position for which she was not adequately prepared and sounded like it.  She missed an entrance and threw the rhythmn section out of sync for a couple of beats causing the trap player to get the hairy eyeball despite it not being his fault. The band, however, put on a stellar performance  to the delight of the audience, which gave it a standing ovation.

  The upcoming performance of the CVSM Community Symphonic Band on January 31 will be an event to attend.  The overblown title of the band belies its performance level which is September high school band, ie. not quite ready for prime time and certainly not very symphonic.  Keep an ear on the Gustav Holst 2nd Suite in F, in particular The Song of the Blacksmith.  Those who study train wrecks have the possibility of an interesting afternoon. More after the performance

  Mercersburg Academy is presenting Pippin on February 15, 16, 17 at the new performing arts center.  These shows feature the students and a top notch pit orchestra and are first rate.  Be there if possible.  Tickets are on sale at the door.

  Chambersburg Community Theater is presenting Godspell on March 19, 20, 212 and 26, 27, 28.  It features a 3-piece pit orchestra because CCT is either too broke or too tight to put on the minimum of 5 players for a rock gig.  Itíll fly though.  Shell out for this one because it should be visually stunning.

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