The Delta Brass Quintet's first photograph, ca. 1994, with our original French Horn player, Karen Moll. Karen left the area for Wisconsin, probably to get away from the rest of us.
Delta Brass Quintet at St. Thomas Elementary School. This photograph includes Little Miss Sunshine, Christine Deardorff, our second French Horn player.
Delta Brass Quintet with a class from St. Thomas Elementary School.
A rare view of the Capitol Dixieland Band from one of the first TGIF concert of 1990, held on the square in Chambersburg. We probably look better from this angle.
Delta Brass Quintet with Christine Soper, July 1991 at Elder Hostel, Shippensburg University. In a more informal setting, wearing our golf shirt attire rather than the formal dress. It's more comfortable that way, and the crowd feels easier about interacting with us.
A shot of the TUBA JUNKYARD (my tuba is not in the picture) at the 6/23/02 Hagerstown Municipal Band. The guy seated is Chris Stockslager, WonderTuba Guy.
Jim Hedges, our secret weapon in the tuba section. Jim is retired from The Marine Band and manages to play all the stuff that the rest of us can't, but that isn't much -- sometimes...
Our section leader, Dave McFadden. Dave's been an inspiration to us all: he's 82 years old, has been in the band for 53 years, and still plays a damn good tuba. He calls me the second-best tuba player in Franklin County. I keep wondering who the best is?
A shot of Leonard Vaughn and Dave McFadden. Leonard played in the band when I first joined but left in 1997, after serving faithfully for 17 years. He, Chris, Dave and myself were the Four Horsemen of the Tuba Section for about five years until Leonard had to quit. He is still missed, and it is always good to see him when he can attend a concert.
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